Otaku Quiz Answers Level 1-330

Otaku Quiz is an anime quiz game that has you guessing answers based on pictures. If you are a big fan of anime, then you

Shadowmatic Answers To All Levels

Shadowmatic challenges you to rotate abstract objects in a spotlight in order to find recognizable silhouettes in the projected shadows. The game features many difficult levels that are fun and addicting. You can download Shadowmatic on iTunes and Google Play for your iPad, iPhone, and Android device. The app game is free, and if you

100 Pics Gardening Answers Level 1-100

Gardening is the latest category on 100 Pics Quiz, a fun image association puzzle game for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Download the game for free on iTunes and Google Play. These levels focus on what you might use while gardening or find in the beautiful garden you

Guess Brands Logos Answers Level 1-475

There are a lot of logo guessing games out there, and Guess Brands Logos is another one that will challenge you to solve 475+ levels of popular brands out there. We